If any of your questions are not answered here, please ask on our contact enquiry form.

How do I book?

For non obligation advice please submit an online enquiry. Once your enquiry has been made online, we will call to chat through your specific requirements to give you an accurate quote based on your bespoke entertainment. We will take into consideration all aspects of getting the band there, equipment, and insurance so that your quote is comprehensive with no hidden extras.

Where will the band travel?

We are available to perform anywhere in the country and are used to travelling long distances and still putting on an energetic live performance.

Can the band learn a special song for the occasion?

Absolutely, just ask us. We will need to know at least one month before your event but we have a huge library of multi genre songs we can play and if we don't already know a song, we'll be delighted to learn it for you.

What if a performer becomes ill or cannot perform?

In the event that a musician is unable to perform for any reason (although this hasn't happened yet), we have access to a pool of highly talented musicians, with years of experience, which means we can always find a replacement for any musician at short notice that in no way compromises the quality of the act. For that reason, you will never be left without a band for your event.

Can I see the band play before my event?

Due to our availability and busy private gig schedules, it is hard to organise a full showcase, but we are more than happy for you to attend one of our rehearsal sessions. Retrotone also have a collection of live recordings and videos for you to view the quality of performance and will happily direct you to previous clients for a reference.

My Venue has a sound limiter, what does this mean for my entertainment?

This means the venue has installed a 'volume control' that cuts out electricity supply if sound levels reach a certain volume, for a set amount of time. Any limiter set above 90db should cause no problems but let us know if your venue has a sound limiter in advance so that the sound engineer can tailor the act and equipment to fit these restraints.

Should I be concerned about Health and Safety?

We are covered by Public Liability Insurance which protects the venue and audience from any damage caused by the band or our equipment, although we have not had any incidents so far. All of the electrical equipment is PAT tested and certificates can be provided on request.

What happens after I book?

Once your booking is made, you will be contacted by our co-ordinator who will be your point of contact for any queries you have about your booking in the run up to your special event. You can rest assured that your entertainment will go perfectly to plan, and that everything is organised and ready for the event.

How long does the band need to set up?

We need at least one hour to set up equipment and sound check. A brief sound check allows the band to check all instrument levels, EQ, and monitors. The sound engineer will adjust levels and settings to accommodate the acoustics and size of the room.

How Much Space Does the Band Need?

As we are a a 5 piece band, we need a minimum of 14ft by 10ft floor or stage space.

How long do you play for?

As long as you want but normally two one hour sets with a half hour break in between.

Can you supply background music or disco in between sets?

If you are not intending to hire a separate D.J. also included within the package is the use of our PA . We have a huge library of suitable mp3's and can normally download any requested tracks or if you would prefer us to play your own music from your ipod etc. that is fine too. We would run the equipment, so all you need do is relax and enjoy yourself!

Do you supply disco or ambient lighting?

Yes, we have an electronic mirror ball, psychedelic oil lamp, smoke machine (water vapour) and various sound triggered disco lights to create the perfect atmosphere for your event.

Do I need to arrange food for the band?

The "rider" is not essential although the band would very much appreciate availability of a quick bite to eat or access to the buffet, as when travelling to gigs it can sometimes be over 12 hours from the time we leave home to our return...then there's the setting up equipment, two sets of high energy music, pack down, and travelling back from the venue. Performing is also very thirsty work!